Develop a Winning Growth Strategy

How do you win in the markets you serve now and find additional opportunities for future success? We recently held a webinar on how to develop a winning growth strategy. Even in an economic upswing businesses cannot rely on past successes to grow. In all market environments, driven by digital transformation and globalization, competition remains fierce and customers are more demanding. How do you prevent strategy convergence and create differentiation, engagement and inspiration for your company?

There is a belief that the future is increasingly shaped by newcomers who have no vested interest in adhering to the current rules of any particular industry and can potentially disrupt your business. Even the most successful large companies are vulnerable if they become comfortable in the patterns of their past successes and even when they see the opportunity strategy does not automatically follow. How do you overcome this inertia that is prevalent in large companies and start making the necessary changes that allow you to pursue new growth opportunities?

This webinar will show you steps you can take to develop a winning growth strategy that differentiates. We use this approach that has helped clients create proprietary points of view about their future and navigate their way to industry leadership.

We will cover some of the pitfalls in traditional strategy development and how we can overcome these by using our ‘Future Back Approach’ that connects strategy with innovation, growth with actionable opportunity and challenges old assumptions about industry rules.

Below you will find the replay. If you have questions after watching the recording please get in touch with us at or go to the Contact Us page.


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