Innovation is the key ingredient for transformation in this industry.

The automotive industry is at a turning point. Keeping up with the accelerating pace of technological developments is a challenge, but simultaneously presents us with exciting opportunities for innovation. We are witnessing a transformation in this industry from electric vehicles and autonomous driving to connectivity and mobility services.

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Next Gen Mobility.

Complying with strict emission standards and sustainability mandates requires companies to focus on innovation around developing eco-friendly vehicles, adopting sustainable manufacturing processes, and integrating renewable energy sources. By staying ahead of the curve, automotive companies can leverage innovation for sustainable competitive advantage.

Revolution on Wheels.

By leveraging data analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, companies can provide customers with customized experiences and improved safety. We are already seeing incredible changes occurring, ranging from collision detection and predictive maintenance to in-car entertainment. The automotive industry has the potential to revolutionize the way we use and interact with vehicles.

Our Support.

We understand the importance of this transformation and balancing the present and the future. Our team at Strategos is here to support you in embracing new business models, and disruptive technologies, and meeting the ever-changing demands of customers and consumers.

Gandert Van Raemdonck, Head of Product Innovation & Scouting ZF Group

“Strategos’ pragmatic approach and challenging questions about our organization, decision-making processes, and stakeholder engagement helped us take a necessary next big step forward in improving our innovation performance and more importantly to assure our company is future proof.”

Case study

For a global player in the automotive industry that was facing a decline in growth Strategos identified several new platforms including one that enabled the company to start on the path of digital transformation and gain experience with big data, and artificial intelligence and become a provider of professional services. This has since been developed as a successful standalone business.