Embracing new market opportunities, refocusing their strategies.

As the global demand for chemicals continues to rise, the Chemicals Industry must adapt by innovating at an unprecedented pace and scale. Traditional companies must move beyond their reliance on outdated “hero” products and instead explore new and exciting possibilities. Leading chemical companies are already embracing Sustainable Development Goals and recognizing the immense value that can be found in areas such as health, energy, and the circular economy.

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Circular Economy.

Strengthening their efforts in sustainability brings the valuable experience to help customers do the same as the pressure for sustainable products that can be adopted in a circular economy opens up new opportunities.

Not Just Products.

The Chemicals Industry has traditionally prioritized product development. However, to stay competitive, it should also consider adopting digitization and exploring new revenue streams through services and business models that prioritize performance achievements.

Our Support.

Strategos boasts an impressive track record of collaborating with top global industry players to help them develop growth strategies that align seamlessly with their sustainability goals.

Erik Vangronsveld, Global Materials and Industrial Sustainability Director

“We successfully implemented three strategic options that were a result of Strategos’ unique approach to strategy development and superb facilitation. I particularly valued their ability to challenge our thinking, engage with our leadership and push us to explore new ways of discovering insights about ourselves and our customers.”

Case Study

A specialty materials manufacturer and a division of one of the world’s largest global chemical companies was experiencing flat to decreasing revenues in its major business lines. Strategos created a compelling vision and identified 6 new growth platforms. The client adopted our “agile commercialization” approach to further explore these growth platforms and implementation is underway.