Innovation to extend your core business and create platforms for future growth

Too many innovation initiatives are poorly aimed, resulting in a blizzard of small, unrelated ideas or failing to convert potential opportunities into successful businesses. We help our clients identify a portfolio of opportunities and create new businesses within their core markets, adjacencies, and white spaces.
While innovation remains a topic of strategic importance and corporations worry about disruption, most do not invest adequately to prevent it. If this seems tough to accomplish, especially when new opportunities do not immediately fit the current business model, we have the methods, tools, and approaches that help clients invest in their future success.
Strategos’ clients benefit from a proven, repeatable, and systemic approach to innovation. We provide support in three key areas: discovery to generate new perspectives, opportunity identification by ideating using comprehensive insights, and realization of ideas into business models that can be tested, launched, and scaled.

A repeatable process for growth


Key elements of our methodology:

  • Uncover deep insights into customer needs
  • Translate trends and discontinuities into opportunities
  • Inspire disruption by challenging company and industry beliefs
  •  Leverage core competencies for opportunities in adjacent markets (link HBR explainer video)
  • Generate ideas and turn these into a portfolio of actionable growth opportunities
  •  Design and develop innovative concepts for products, services, and new business models
  • Accelerate and scale viable concepts into new business ventures

“Organisations over invest in the past at the expense of their future”

Gary Hamel

You’ll find parts devoted to crucial topics–such as how to organize the discovery process, generate strategic insights, enlarge your innovation pipeline, and maximize your return on innovation.


Developing Deeper Insights

To generate meaningful and potentially disruptive ideas, we need a variety of insights. Exploring customers’ preferences and consumer behaviors reveal unmet and unarticulated needs. Ideas must focus on solutions that solve real customer problems, deliver the desired outcomes and remove their frustrations. Combining these with discontinuities that reveal patterns from trends and orthodoxies that challenge conventional thinking leads to disruptive ideas. The best ideas are grounded in multiple insights, and our collection of tools, methods, and frameworks provides a systemic way for innovation teams to uncover these insights.


Creating an Innovation Portfolio

Single ideas come in all shapes and sizes, from incremental to disruptive and directly actionable to longer-term horizons. We organize related ideas in a portfolio of growth opportunities that provides a balance between extending your core business and delivering longer-term strategic renewal. This step in the innovation process prevents short-term focus and emphasizes the bigger picture of purpose, vision, and strategy.


Building New Businesses

Commercializing ideas comes with its own set of challenges especially when companies try to enter new markets. The more an idea falls outside of the core business, the less we can rely on the existing business model. We apply an iterative process of design, testing, learning, and adapting to build confidence in innovative new concepts. Before launching and scaling a new business, it’s important to validate critical assumptions introduced in the design. This helps to reduce risk and uncertainty in every aspect of the venture and increases the chances of success.

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