Strategy and Innovation Consulting

We create growth strategies, unleash innovation, and help you compete for the future.

We started Strategos in 1995 together with Gary Hamel, recognized as the world’s leading authority on strategy, leadership and innovation and author of the groundbreaking book “Competing for the Future”.

Today we are an international strategy and innovation consulting firm relentlessly focused on keeping our clients ahead of the game.

Our core values guide us.

  • Selflessness
    Put people’s interests above our own; teach, coach, and develop clients to become self-reliant.
  • Courage
    Be adventurous, creative, and open-minded; dare to challenge convention to realize the best results.
  • Respect
    Believe in people and their dreams, actively seek their views, and see them as sources of strength.
  • Performance
    Surprise and delight people with great insights and tangible business results.

Social impact

On occasion we partner with organisations that are trying to make a positive change but lack access to the type of expertise we can provide but that could help them achieve better results. We have provided guidance to organizations in areas such as nature conservation, environmental protection or education and startups. When we do take on these projects we apply the same level of rigour and strive for the same high quality that characterises all our client engagements.

  • Environment
    We work with ngo’s and other non-profit organizations to provide guidance and strengthen their efforts in conservation.
  • Education
    We help educational institutions provide special programs that involve speaking, teaching and coaching staff and their students.
  • Entrepreneurs
    We coach entrepreneurs from startup to scale-up, i.e. testing the viability of their idea to scaling a successful business.

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