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We create future-focused strategies that help you compete for the future.
Strategos - strategy consulting firm
The strategy consulting firm that creates future-focused strategies

The strategy consulting firm that creates future-focused strategies

As a strategy consulting firm, we see that many strategies lack differentiation. Competitors often converge on similar strategies and compete in similar ways because they share identical industry perspectives. While a strategy may look good on paper, many aren’t actionable and do not include a portfolio of opportunities outside of their core business. Strategies don’t always engage the people in your organization because they often lack a compelling purpose that employees can rally behind. And many strategies cannot cope with uncertainty because the organization does not pro-actively monitor the underlying business’s assumptions. As a strategy consulting firm, we introduced a Future Back approach that helps leaders develop a breakthrough strategy and drive innovation for growth.

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The strategy consulting firm that introduced the Future Back approach

Most companies match their ambitions to available resources that leads to a future we can all accept. We have re-invented how to develop growth strategies that are future-focused, engaging, and built on a strong foundation of actionable business opportunities. We apply a “Future Back” approach to strategy first described by our founder, Gary Hamel and C.K. Prahalad, in their groundbreaking book “Competing for the Future.” Unlike most strategy consulting firms, we focus on integrating strategy, innovation, and organization. In the past 25 years, we have built a strong track record by delivering substantial results for our clients.

Discover why we should be your strategy consulting firm:

The strategy consulting firm that Introduced the Future Back approach​

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Discover why we should be your strategy consulting firm:

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Strategos have been an invaluable resource, providing a unique approach, support and direction for many of our projects. They make the complex appear simple and always deliver to an exceptionally high standard. They initially work to understand organizational needs and then bring innovative business-relevant ideas and solutions to the table.

Des O’Regan |

Director Engineering APAC / Director Product Innovation and Scouting CVCS at ZF Group

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At the early onset of the COVID-19 global pandemic, CBIZ embraced change ranging from a shift to remote work to introducing new technology tools. Despite the initial uncertainty, CBIZ quickly recognized how these changes created opportunities to transform a business long-term. Strategos proved to be a nimble partner when we put out long-term planning on hold to focus on capturing these critical lessons learned. Without a more intentional effort, we likely would have emerged from this time without the understanding of how this experience can position us for growth moving forward. Strategos helped us gain the perspective we needed to make the most of a challenging time.

Elizabeth Newman |

Chief of Staff at CBIZ

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As frequently happens in business, selecting the best path from many options is often the most difficult problem. The Strategos team helped us identify a manageable number of actionable business development areas in a very short time using an approach custom tailored to our business that included deep dive reviews and events that were directly facilitated by senior Strategos partners and associates. This personal approach to the collaboration produced insights that we would not have identified alone.

Mike Marucci |

VP Business & Technology at Kymera International

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We successfully implemented three strategic options that resulted from Strategos' unique approach to strategy development and superb facilitation. I particularly valued their ability to challenge our thinking, engage with our leadership, and push us to explore new ways of discovering insights about ourselves and our customers.

Erik Vangronsveld |

Global Materials & Industry Sustainability Director at Huntsman

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We worked with Strategos to develop a robust, sustainable innovation capability at Advocate Aurora Health. I particularly valued the partnership we built with Strategos’ highly-focused team of seasoned innovation experts; it was great to have the dedicated, ongoing attention of a small group of innovation veterans whose guidance I could trust.

Mike Rodgers |

VP of Strategic Innovation at Advocate Aurora Health

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The development of our new strategy was a thoughtful process that we conducted with the guidance of one of the best strategy companies I have ever known: Strategos. With the support of Strategos, we spent six months developing the new strategy for FIFCO. We set out to define a strategy that was aspirational before thinking what that would mean in financial terms.

Ramón Mendiola |


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