The art and science of venture incubation

Rewatch our webinar on venture incubation

We recently held a webinar on blending the art and science of venture incubation based on the recently published book “Spinning Into Control” authored by our colleague Amiel Kornel. Below you will find the replay. If you have questions after watching the recording please get in touch with us at or go to the Contact Us page. Even adaptive “lean” planning and experimentation cannot guarantee success when uncertainties are as great as a venturer’s ambitions. Instead of relying exclusively on such scientifically-grounded approaches, venture craftsmen artfully redirect the energy of startups that might otherwise spin out of control towards failure.

Skilful improvisation is key

In Spinning Into Control, Amiel Kornel weaves together the stories of entrepreneurs like Sun Basket’s Adam Zbar, Minecraft’s Markus Persson, Y Combinator’s Paul Graham, and Metacode Technologies’ Joel Schatz, along with examples from beyond business, including legendary ocean racing sailor Isabelle Autissier, acclaimed urban designer Gerard Penot, and historical figures like gypsy-jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt. In a surprising discovery, Amiel shows how meeting challenges in a broad variety of fields rife with uncertainty relies on skilful improvisation.

Scott Kirsner, Boston Globe entrepreneurship columnist; and co-founder, Innovation Leader:

”As a venture capitalist, board member, and startup advisor, Amiel Kornel has seen plenty of startups win big — or die trying. Spinning Into Control shares with you everything he has learned about how an entrepreneur can combat the chaos that’s characteristic of nearly every startup, and put his or her company on the right path.“

Bill Hill, Founder and CEO, MetaDesign San Francisco; and member, Board of Advisors, Institute of Design at Illinois Institute of Technology:

“Anyone involved in realizing startup projects — from independent, bootstrapping entrepreneurs to managers of corporate venture accelerators — will discover actionable insights that help them hone their craft. While much has already been written on entrepreneurship, Spinning Into Control breaks new ground by calling on founders to blend art with science. With empathy for the hard work of venture incubation, it spotlights the one skill most required, but often least developed, in the venturer’s toolkit, namely improvisation.”


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